5 things to check on your planter before the start of the planting season

Planting season is coming!

Here are 5 things to verify on your planter to help make it ready for action:
1- Check disk openers diameter. They should measure 14.5 inches or more, or else it is time to replace them. Remember that they have to be in contact on 1.5 to 2.5 inches at the front to correctly open the furrow.
2- Clean and carefully inspect your meters. If you find worn or broken parts, contact us and talk to one of our experts. We can check and recondition your meters for optimum performance.
3- Make sure that, in lowered position, the bottom of the square tube of the planter frame is level and 20 to 22 inches from the ground.
4-Check and adjust tire pressure according to what’s recommended in the operator manual. If your meters are ground driven, the wrong tire pressure can affect applied population.
5-Run your planter in the farm yard a few days before you start planting in the field. Get the meters to rotate and run vaccum to plant a few seeds.
You will be sure that the drive system is in working order and you will still have a little time to make repairs if needed.
Those few steps will help you make sure your planter is good to go.

We wish you the best planting season for 2019!

– By Bruno Martin, Technical Instructor