“Our mission is to offer high-quality products and services at competitive prices through a value-added solutions model aimed at surpassing the expectations of our customers.”

With this mission, JLD-Laguë intends to differentiate itself from its competitors by being constantly on the lookout for recent technological discoveries that will help it to improve its products. The company’s goal is to be its customers’ first choice ― the one they instinctively turn to. JLD-Laguë does not simply sell equipment. Quality service is its main concern. It wants to be known and recognized as an avant-garde company that innovates in order to better meet the needs of its clientele. Each and every one of its business decisions is customer-based.

John Deere: a name you can trust

In 1837, John Deere, blacksmith and inventor, had little more than a blacksmith shop, a piece of discarded polished steel, and an idea that would help farmers and ultimately change the face of agriculture for all time. Today, the company that grew out of the success of the innovative steel plough designed by John Deere continues to manufacture advanced equipment to help those who work the land accomplish their tasks better and faster. Some 175 years after its founding, John Deere is one of the world’s most admired businesses. Every day, we strive to put into practice the values of our founder: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. We live and breathe these values. They are central to the way we work and are reflected in all of the products, services and opportunities we offer.

John Deere tractors celebrate 100 years!

100 years of tractor innovation

One hundred years ago today, Deere & Company changed the course of agricultural history when it purchased the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company and with it, the successful Waterloo Boy tractor line. While many events have helped shape John Deere during its rich 181-year history, likely none has been as transformative as Deere’s entry into the tractor and engine business on March 14, 1918. One hundred years later, there are still family ties to the Waterloo Boy tractor from current employees. See how their pride and loyalty are reflected in the work they do today.

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100 years of John Deere tractors in pictures

John Deere 1934                          John Deere 1954                            John Deere 1960

              John Deere 1973              John Deere 1997