Green Tech, Division of JLD-Laguë Group adds the Fliegl brand to its product line.

Green Tech is proud to be now the official distributor of Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH, exclusively for Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. This family business, known for its impeccable manufacturing quality and innovations, is one of the largest manufacturers of trailers and spreaders in Europe. It is now opening up to our market by offering, among others, the ASW line of push-bottom trailers and KDS spreaders.  

In order to better serve all of our agricultural customers, all of the Group’s 16 branches in Quebec and Ontario will offer this line of equipment.  

These equipment have strong advantages, both in technique and in manufacturing quality, and meet your daily demanding needs:   

The ASW line of push-bottom trailers is a great advancement for the agricultural field compared to the usual dump trailer system by having, among other things, the possibility of compressing the silage during filling, which increases the loading capacity by up to 60% thus improving the efficiency of the work sites. Moreover, they are much more stable, faster and require less hydraulic oil during unloading. You will find the ideal trailer for your needs with capacities up to 34T and over 55m3. 

The KDS chain spreaders, on the other hand, considerably improve spreading thanks to several techniques specific to the brand while minimizing maintenance costs. You can choose from the KDS120 with a capacity of 12m3 to the KDS390 MuckControl with a capacity of 29T and over 32m3. These spreaders have been tested and approved by the independent DLG Institute for their application quality.  

For more information on this new line of equipment, contact the sales representative of the nearest branch: Our stores – JLD-Laguë ( 



About JLD-Laguë  

JLD-Laguë has been an active player in the agricultural equipment industry since 1951. The company is made up of over 400 employees across 16 stores in Quebec and Ontario. JLD-Laguë aims to stand out from the competition by constantly being on the lookout for the latest technological developments in order to improve its products. Their goal is to remain a first-rate choice for consumers, and quality service remains their top priority. They constantly work towards a reputation as a leading-edge company focused on innovation in order to better meet the needs of their customers. The customer, after all, is at the core of their every business decision.  




Robert Loignon  

Marketing – Communications Director