JLD-Laguë adds Honda products to its offer 

The JLD-Laguë Group is now a proud official distributor of the Honda Power Equipment line of products at 5 of its locations. The tools of the prestigious brand round out the group’s offer for residential and commercial customers who at times require equipment adapted to smaller-scale needs, while combining portability and superior quality. 


Honda Power Equipment products are exceptionally quiet, energy efficient, easy to use, and incorporate the latest technologies in order to save its users both time and money. 


The stores to offer Honda products were selected based on their location and to meet the demand in a market not previously served by Honda. Honda Power Equipment products can be found in Ange-Gardien for the Montérégie region, Coaticook for Estrie, Varennes for the South Shore of Montréal, Laval for the North Shore, and Mirabel for the Laurentians. 


The products offered are portable equipment including those of the VersAttach line, generators, snow blowers, lawn mowers, water pumps, and more. 


JLD-Laguë wanted to make purchasing Honda products easier, so you will soon be able to find them on the online shop at https://jldlague.com/en/shop/. 


Aftermarket support is also offered for product maintenance. Naturally, teams will be trained to meet all repair needs.




About JLD-Laguë 

JLD-Laguë has been an active player in the agricultural equipment industry since 1951. The company is made up of over 400 employees across 16 stores in Quebec and Ontario. JLD-Laguë aims to stand out from the competition by constantly being on the lookout for the latest technological developments in order to improve its products. Their goal is to remain a first-rate choice for consumers, and quality service remains their top priority. They constantly work towards a reputation as a leading-edge company focused on innovation in order to better meet the needs of their customers. The customer, after all, is at the core of their every business decision. 





Robert Loignon 

Marketing Director – Communications