Field preparation

Good crops start at ground level, which is why you should work your fields with precision right from the start. Not only will you improve performance and reduce compaction, but you’ll also lay the groundwork for better yield and profit potential.

GCS Products

GCS is a pioneer in high precision vertical control. It offers you the most efficient software suite on the market.

GCS – Dirt ITM

Maximize your field leveling efficiency with GPS.

GCS – Dirt I software: “From computer design to automatic control in the field.”

See the explanatory video on GCS surface drainage with RTK GPS

GCS-Dirt I uses all types of RTK GPS systems to offer you accurate topographical surveys and accurate grading and leveling control.

The GCS-Dirt I virtual dashboard helps you to work your fields easily with real-time information on cut/fill amounts, your position, elevation, slope and GPS quality. It also provides you with a view of your field indicating where to cut and fill, and tracks your work.

GCS-Dirt I is compatible with most land grading design software, including OptiSurface (Lien pour Logiciel Optisurface) and GCS-Shape ProTM. GCS-Dirt Pro may be used in information mode only or in automatic control mode.

  • No more sections! Work your field as a whole
  • Capture your data while you work
  • Recalculate your cut/fill balance in the field
  • Intuitive menus
  • User friendly

GCS – Pipe I / GCS – Pipe III

GCS-Pipe’s proven technology has been used for over 15 years. GCS-Pipe IIITM software automatically calculates the optimum location of drains based on minimum and maximum depth and minimum slope, and makes it possible to control drain installation in real time.
Efficient design:              RTK  GPS  DGPS

  • Vertical Curve Technology
  • Profile view
  • Bird’s-eye view with spacing of drains
  • Real-time depth and slope information
  • Real-time profile adjustment
  • Distance report
  • Simple program navigation
  • Export drawing of completed field

If you encounter an obstacle, GCS-Pipe automatically recalculates the design from the new depth and will warn you if you are outside of your defined parameters.