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Hello grass

Your lawn care
equipment needs
regular maintenance
in order to get
maximum performance
for the coming season.

Lawn tractor maintenance starting at $259*

Lawn tractor

  • Change the engine’s oil and filter
  • Change the fuel filter
  • Change of the air filter
  • Change of the spark plugs
  • Complete lubrification
  • Level the mower
  • Clean the tractor
  • Check mechanical functions
  • Check electrical functions
  • Check tire pressure
  • Quote included
  • AND blade sharpening

Gator and Compact Utility Tractors maintenance starting at $269**

line up CUT & Gator

• 42-point inspection on tractor
• Engine oil and filter change
• Grease and lubricate equipment
• Clean and check radiator
• Replace primary engine air filter and engine’s air filters
• Check tire pressure
• Check fluid quality and levels
• Drain water in fuel filter
• Replace fuel filter
• Quote included

Get 15% off

on attachments and accessories for your
Lawn Tractor and Gator


Gator et tracteur à pelouse

Collecting or mulching: learn more about both options.


Collecting grass clippings helps you improve the appearance and health of your lawn. To collect debris and maintain a uniform appearance during the growing season, collecting is definitely the answer. If you are restoring your yard, it is preferable to bag the cut grass so as not to disperse the seeds or diseased grass. At the end of the season, using a mulching system can really help you get rid of fall leaves in the blink of an eye. Plus, if you compost, collecting grass clippings makes it easy to get the compostable way.


Like collecting, mulching your grass clippings can help improve the appearance of your lawn. Mulching returns nutrients directly to the soil, resulting in less watering (and lower water bills) and less fertilizer use. Plus, you save time by not having to stop mowing to empty the bags.


MyDealer, your portal for online part orders



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MyDealer is your portal for online orders, and is completely linked up to your customer profile so you can access your order history. It allows you to order online and see which parts are available.


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*Certain conditions apply, subject to change without notice. Speak with your parts team for details.

Valid until May 31st, 2023. Prices indicated may vary based on your equipment model. Taxes not included. See your service department for details. Subject to change without notice. *This offer applies to John Deere lawn mowers. Some restrictions apply. ** This offer applies to series 1-4 and John Deere sport utility vehicles. *** Certain conditions apply, subject to change without notice. Speak with your parts team for details.☩ Subject to change without notice. Discounts applicable on selected accessories and attachments in-stock only, and Home maintenance kits. Amount before taxes only. Talk to your parts team for details.