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There is nothing better than coming in for a meeting to find out more. Fill out the form here and we will contact you to set up an appointment at a time that suits you.


Until then, if you want some information on the positions to fill, the descriptions are here:


CARP     –     Mechanic – no experience

Winchester – Mechanic – no experience

St.Isidore   –  Mechanic – no experience

Eric, Shop Foreman Carp

Eric who has been with us since 2000 was first a Workshop Technician, then a Road Technician and for the past 3 years, Shop Foreman. His progression within the company provides him with the knowledge and experience needed to coach his technicians and resolve their every day challenges.

His extensive product and industry knowledge allows him to naturally share his knowledge with all technicians, with a particular focus on the development of young technicians and apprentices. He is a leader who encourages teamwork and a positive, calm and professional work environment.

Come meet Eric and talk about the benefits of working with us!

Simon, Shop Foreman Winchester

Simon enjoys sharing his years of experience and knowledge with the team. He recently took the role of Shop Foreman in Winchester, after being in St. Isidore for the past few years, he explains that the main reason he has been a JD technician for 19 years is “not for the product in particular, but for John Deere’s willingness to continually improve its product line, year after year. That’s what sets John Deere apart from the competition.”

The quality of the products, the work environment, the team spirit, there are some of the reasons why Simon is proud to expand his team to continue to offer the best service possible to his customers – his community – that he knows and appreciates.

Come meet Simon and see what a day at the office is like!

Karl, Shop Foreman St.Isidore

Karl has recently taken on the role of Shop Foreman at the St. Isidore branch. Karl loves everything related to agriculture and the outdoors, which is what brought him to work with us. He knows the area well, which allows him to be close to the customers. This is an advantage in his daily work: by understanding their reality, he is able to offer meticulous and personalized service according to the environment and the needs of each customer.

Karl started as an apprentice technician during his internship and is now Shop Foreman after several John Deere trainings. His next challenge is to help young technicians advance and enjoy their work as much as he does. He believes in listening and helping each other so that together, we can continue to find the best solutions for our customers, because “alone you can’t do anything, but as a team you can do anything!”

Come and meet Karl to learn more about the opportunities available to you!