Leveling Plan Promotion

Agriculture de précision

With the purchase of one of the following Precision Agronomy Service plans, receive an equivalent credit, applicable for the Design of Leveling Plan*.

For example, by paying $ 500 for a Service Plan, receive a $500 credit for the Design of Leveling Plan.

If you own and use John Deere display, Service Plans have been designed for you. These tools are very useful and powerful, but they require to be correctly configured and to be done on an annual basis to optimize their efficiency. Service plans have been put in place to facilitate and optimize the use of John Deere precision agriculture tools such as your various GS2, GS3 and Gen4 displays as well as farm management tools such as the Operations Center and Apex. It also give you an unlimited access to our technical support service line.

You’ll be more efficient in your field operations by having tools that are always ready for use regardless of the time of the year!

For more information, contact our Precision Ag specialist:

Cédric Audette
Phone number: 514-373-4899 ext: 39992
Email: cedric.audette@jldlague.com

*Valid until December 31th, 2018. Subject to change without notice. Certain conditions apply. Speak to your Precision Ag specialist for more details.