Make the Precision Decision

What kind of impact would a missing seed have on your yield potential?

Studies have shown that every time your singulation drops by 1%, your yield potential drops by 0.01 ton / acre, resulting in a potential loss of $1500 /100 acres.

Is spacing critical?

Every time the standard deviation increases by 1 in, your yield potential drops by 0.06 ton/acre,  resulting in a potential loss of  $900/100 acres.

If you have too much or not enough down pressure on your seeding unit?

You can increase your yield potential up to 0.235 ton/acre with a variable down pressure system. This means an increase in your yield potential of  $3,525/100 acres.

All calculations have been done with corn priced at 150$ / ton.

We are not talking about the difference between bad and good, it’s the difference between good and excellent!
Get more efficiency and stand uniformity!
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The Planter Upgrade Package


  • Eliminate yearly maintenance headaches on chains, sprockets and drives.
  • Row by row control of population, singulation, spacing and down force.
  • Perfect population on curves and precise planting on headlands.
  • Automatically increase or reduce down force on each row.
  • Complete control of down force and seed placement.
  • Double current planting speed.

VSet precision planting

This offer is valid until August 30th, 2018. *Purchase of DeltaForce, SpeedTube and vDrive are required for the $200 per row rebate. Purchase of 2 of these 3 products is required for the $150 per row rebate. Purchase of 1 of these 3 products is required for the $50 per row rebate. There is a minimum row purchase required of 6 rows to receive the rebates. Make The Precision Decision rebate program officially ends 08/30/18. See additional terms and conditions at Products must be registered within 30 days of purchase to receive rebate. DeltaForce®, SpeedTube®, vDrive® and Precision Planting® are registered trademarks of Precision Planting LLC ©2018 Precision Planting LLC. **The 10% discount applies to a minimum purchase of $25,000 before taxes only. ***Subject to National Bank’s credit approval. To qualify for financing, a minimum purchase of $25,000 before taxes must be made. Fees for opening a financing file apply. A maximum of 80% of the sale price may be financed. Taxes must be paid by the client.