Precision guidance: a profitable way to do more each day
AutoTrac Precision Guidance

AutoTrac is our hands-free guidance solution. It uses Starfire receivers to achieve the level of accuracy needed to carry out your operations efficiently.

Three accuracy levels are available:

AutoTrac SF1*

Autotrac SF1 provides 25-cm pass-to-pass accuracy at the StarFire receiver. AutoTrac SF1 allows you to take your hands off the wheel as the machine travels down the optimum pass in the field, increasing profitability and performance on many farming operations.

Ideal for: Broad-acre applications such as seeding, fertilizer spreading, and spraying

AutoTrac SF2*

AutoTrac™ SF2 is at its best in row crops. It helps you to be more productive and allows you to focus on tasks other than steering while travelling down the field. It greatly reduces driver strain and input costs.

Ideal for: Row-crop applications such as seeding and spraying, broad-acre harvesting, and self-propelled spraying.

AutoTrac  RTK*

AutoTrac RTK gets you in close, with repeatable, 1-cm accuracy within a 20-km radius of the base station.

Ideal for: All crops requiring pass-to-pass repeatability, sub-surface irrigation lines, high-value row crops, narrow strip-tilled furrows and iGuide™ applications.

Integrated AutoTracTM

If you drive a John Deere AutoTrac-ready vehicle and you want to go hands-free, all it takes to complete the system that automatically steers your vehicle is a StarFire™ 3000 Receiver, a GreenStar™ display, harness, and an AutoTrac activation. This kit is tied directly into the steering system on the vehicle for a streamlined look, tighter control, and greater accuracy.

Retrofit guidance options
Do you drive older John Deere equipment or operate a mixed fleet? Don’t worry! You can still enjoy  the benefits of AutoTrac, thanks to these retrofit solutions.

AutoTracTM Universal Steering Kit
Get hands-free guidance for the rest of your equipment. The AutoTrac Universal Steering Kit 200 is a retrofit guidance solution for older John Deere vehicles and non-Deere vehicles. It is easy to install and brings the many productivity advantages of an automated guidance system to more than 450 John Deere and select non-John Deere combines, sprayers, windrowers, and self-propelled forage harvesters.

AutoTracTM Controller
With AutoTrac™ Controller, you can integrate your John Deere GreenStar™ equipment with select Case® IH and New Holland® Tractors equipped with factory-installed AFS AccuGuide™ Ready or IntelliSteer™ options. With this integrated option, your GreenStar investment will go further while keeping your cab space free of clutter.

* Compatible with GreenStar™ and StarFire™ displays. If you haven’t experienced AutoTrac automated steering yet, call your dealer today and ask to take a test drive. AutoTrac hands-free guidance is truly one of those solutions where you’ll see and feel the difference immediately.
  • AutoTrac™ RowSense™ improves harvest efficiency
  • AutoTrac™ RowSense™improves yield quality
  • RowSense automatically follows curves in fields
  • Allows crops to be harvested in many different conditions
  • Can be installed on John Deere corn heads and other available competitive models
Machine Sync
  • Maximizes the benefits of unloading on the go by having the combine take control of the tractor, thereby reducing the risk of spillage and accidents
  • Increases efficiency by showing the location of tractors and combines in the field
  • Allows the combine operator to control tractor speed and grain cart location
  • Ensures optimal alignment of the cart under the unloading auger
Easy implement control

Precision counts ― especially when planting or working potato fields, strip-till corn, or specialty crops. That’s why you need iSteer™, an active implement guidance system that keeps your tractor and implement on the same line. So not only do you get increased accuracy for input placement, but also unmatched repeatability at the implement. The benefits are clear: reduced input costs, less disturbance of post-emergent crops, and easier operation, especially on guess rows.

Total equipment control


How do you make AutoTrac™ even better? With Intelligent Total Equipment Control. iTEC Pro is a pro module for the GreenStar 3 System installed on compatible tractors (see the list with your advisor) that coordinates vehicle and implement functions with end turns. Plus, this system positions the tractor and implement correctly for the next pass, which increases both accuracy and efficiency.

iTEC Pro is easy to operate:

  • As you approach a headland, the system works with AutoTrac guidance through the GreenStar 3 display to automatically slow tractor speed.
  • It then raises the implement and turns the tractor
  • And re-engages the implement, all hands-free
Raven Cruizer

Simple, affordable and easy to operate

Simple to install, simple to operate and simple to understand, the Raven Cruizer provides you with an accurate and affordable guidance system. It also offers you a quick payback on your investment, thanks to improved efficiency.

Moreover, due to its simple installation, the Cruizer can be moved rapidly from vehicle to vehicle hassle-free.