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Precision Agriculture


Precision Agriculture solutions include a range of integrated products and services that help optimize the performance of your equipment and your business. These flexible solutions are designed for all types of farming operations and are tailored to individual needs.

For farmers of small and large crops, the tools available allow you to increase your crop’s profitability thanks to accurate guidance, the capture of a variety of data and the analysis of this data for better yield and profitability.

GPS tools and remote assistance can be used in snow removal operations to maximize the productivity of all types of equipment, and therefore provide your clients with superior service.


Xpert Service


The JLD-Laguë Xpert Service is our team of 6 specialists dedicated specifically to Precision Agriculture, tasked with supporting you and ensuring that your Precision Agriculture tools are used to their full potential.

Learn more about Precision Agriculture and our Xpert Service today by contacting our call centre 24/7 at 1-877-4470-2583.


Xpert Service Programs

What task will you tackle today?

1 Bouton field preparation

2 Bouton seeding

3 Bouton crop maintenance

4 Bouton harvesting

 bouton silage hay

6 Bouton water management

7 Bouton crop management

8 Bouton snow removal

9 Bouton golf & lawn 2

How can JLD-Laguë help you get it done?

A Bouton xpert service

B bouton connect+ newsletter

C Bouton event and training

d Boutons

E Bouton remote assistance

F Bouton equipemnt optimization

G Bouton used equipment

H Bouton promotion

Available 24 / 7
Call Center:
1 877 470-2583
Text messages:
450 924-2010