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RowCommand SAVE

RowCommand System

Controlling input costs and improving productivity are key producer requirements today. RowCommand is an effective, integrated John Deere solution designed to meet these intensifying needs. The RowCommand system manages seed output, reduces yield drag, and improves harvest capabilities on all Pro-Shaft™ driven row units, and chain-driven MaxEmerge 5. RowCommand is a simple and efficient solution to control individual row planting. This system does not utilize air to operate; therefore, no compressor, entangling air lines, or valve modules are required. It utilizes low-voltage controller area network (CAN) messaging to signal power to the desired clutches to stop planting or eliminates power to resume planting. This means very little power is used in normal planting conditions, and in the event a clutch fails electrically, the meter will continue to plant.

SeedStar XP SAVE

SeedStar XP

Building upon the foundation of SeedStar 2, the SeedStar XP system takes planter monitoring to the next level and is fully integrated with the full spectrum of AMS applications. SeedStar XP includes all the features of SeedStar 2 while also monitoring:

  • Seed singulation
  • Row-unit ride dynamics
  • Row-unit downforce
  • Seed spacing
  • Full planter performance

active pneumatic downforce - SAVE

Active pneumatic downforce

John Deere active pneumatic downforce makes getting the planting accuracy desired even easier. A hydraulically driven compressor works with the SeedStar™ XP system to automate downforce control. Just set the row-unit target margin value and the active pneumatic downforce system works automatically to make sure the planter maintains this value-achieving precise soil penetration, and consistent planting depth without sidewall soil compaction. This frees the operator from constantly making manual downforce adjustments as conditions change. It also allows the operator to focus on all the other planting factors that drive up yields, like seed singulation and spacing.

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