Training: John Deere Operations Center

Introduction level training



Training on the Operations Center will familiarize you with the different basic functions offered by this online farm business management tool. This introductory training has been developed for new users but also for people wishing to have a reminder on the use of this tool.
Topics that will be addressed:

  • Overview and general description of the Operations Center
  • Login to the Operations Center
  • Presentation of Applications (Cell / Tablet) in connection with the Operations Center
  • Navigation on the Operations Center
    • Explanation of the different functions
    • Explain the operation of the tools on the Operations Center
    • Creation of resources (plot, equipment, inputs, etc.) for your farm
    • View the data produced on your farm
  • Data management
    • Import / Export/Share data
    • Add/Manage Partners
    • Data sharing


Dates and locations

English session:
Thursday December 14th at 9 am
St-Isidore store

French session:
Tuesday December 12th at 9 am
St-Hyacinthe store


The meal will be graciously offered to you.

The JLD-Laguë Group will provide you with a computer to follow the training.
You can also bring your personal computer (laptop).


The cost of this training is $ 100 per person ($ 50 per additional person)
free if you purchased a new GS3 2630 screen or Gen 4 4640 during the year 2017.

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Register today, space is limited:

Cédric Audette 450-230-5468