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Green Light Webinar

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  • #1 Webinar – Tuesday April 13th, 1.30 pm: Prepare your Operation Center (Mobile & Web), Precision Ag system (AutoTrac/ Documentation)for your planting operation

– Setup your precision ag display: Create & manage you field boundaries (Client, Farm, field), your equipment, your product, your data recording, send your setup data to your display
– Calibrate your TCM
– Guidance: Choose the right guidance type, create & manage your guidance line, shift your guidance line, accuracy equation, autoTrac System
– Commons problems
– Advanced parameters, help menu & owner manual
– 2021 update
– Xpert Service: Precision Ag and Telematic Call Centre, RTK Network, planning your planting data, pogostick
– Current promotion

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  • #2 Webinar – Tuesday April 13th, 3.30 pm: Optimize and verify your planter

– 10 Critical points to check to ensure a good planter performance
– Optimize your Section Control
– Planting agronomy


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  • #3 Webinar – Thursday April 15th, 1.30 pm: Advance GEN 4 Display utilization for planting operations

– Setup Turn Automation
– Setup Autopath
– Setup AutoTrac implement guidance


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