Update of the GEN 4 4600 display with a V1 processor

This notice is for all our customers who own a GEN 4 4600 display with a V1 processor. In order to improve the experience and take full advantage of the features offered by a GEN 4 4600 display, John Deere will automatically perform remote updates starting in early December.

To this end, if you are among the targeted customers, when you will start your tractor after sending of the update, a message will appear on your screen. You will have the choice to “Accept” or “Cancel” to update it immediately. If you Cancel it, you can do it at another time by the “ISOBUS VT” menu. Clicking “Accept” will display another message. By clicking on “Download software”, the update will download. Once downloaded, you will be able to click on “Install Software” to install the update. The complete process (download and installation) can take from 30 to 60 minutes.

Precautions to take during installation

For the “Download” part of the update, you can use your tractor as usual. On the other hand, during the “Installation” part, you will have to stop the engine and put the key in the “On” position before starting the installation. During the installation it is mandatory not to put the key in the “Off” position. Because the update may take up to 60 minutes, make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged so that it doesn’t cause a power interruption. If you are unsure about the reliability of the battery, we suggest that you put the battery on charge. During the installation of the update, the screen will stop and restart a few times, it is a normal cycle. A message will appear informing you that the update is completed. At this time, you can continue to do your work as usual.

It is also possible that the update installation may fail on the first attempt. By performing a key cycle (On/Off), the update message will reappear and it will be possible to restart the installation a second time.

In case of problems during the update, contact your store service department!

Targeted machines

To find out if you are one of the customers covered by this update, you can look at the serial number on your screen. All serial numbers on the 4600 screens beginning with the following letters are referred to:


To check the serial number of your 4600 display, follow this path:

Menu Button/System/Software Manager/Activations/Details

AMS mise à jour ecran GEN 4 4600


Even if your screen has the serial number described above, you may not receive an update request. The following cases are excluded from the automatic update:

-4600 screen with software version older than 8.12.2500-17

-Tractor 6R

-Screen 4600 with software version 10.5.230-98

-Screen 4100

For all customers who want to update their screen, but are not targeted by this newsletter, please contact your store!