9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters | 9500

John Deere


  • HP: 755 Max / 690 Rated
  • JD18X 18.0L engine
  • New spout with improved crop flow and visibility
  • Field-proven kernel processing options

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John Deere offers many productivity-boosting options for the 9500 SPFH.


Maximum power At 1300 rpm (ECE R120): 563 kW
765 PS / 755 hp
Rated power: 515 kW
700 PS / 690 hp
Engine Type
Exhaust emission regulation compliancy: Final Tier 4 (FT4)/Stage V
18 L
1098.43 cu in.
Europe: 6180ZX501
North America: 6180ZX401
In-line six
Fuel system Common-rail fuel system
Fuel tank capacity 1500 L
396.2 U.S. gal.
Maximum power At 1300 rpm (ECE R120): 563 kW
765 PS / 755 hp
Rated power: 515 kW
700 PS / 690 hp
Fuel tank capacity 1,500 L
396.3 U.S. gal.
DEF tank capacity ( for FT4 or EU Stage V emission level) No DEF tank
Type JD18X
Exhaust emission regulation compliancy - FT4/Stage V
Model Europe: 6180ZX501
North America: 6180ZX401
Displacement 18 L
1098 cu in.
Cylinders In-line six
Fuel system Common-rail fuel system
Air compressor Optional
Cooling fan drive Direct
Ground drive ProDrive™ system, autoshift transmission, differential lock (automatic and manual), automatic wet brake system
Engine rpm on road: 1300-1800 rpm
Hydraulics Load sensing
Main clutch Dry clutch
Number of discs Two discs
Main driveband Reinforced with Kevlar® inserts
Belt tensioning Active, hydraulic pressure
Main driveband, polybelt belts Eight grooves
Type/voltage 12 / 24 V
Batteries/battery quantity/capacity 3 x 174 amp-hr
Alternator 12 V - 200 amp
24 V - 140 amp
Hydraulic system capacity 50 L
13.2 U.S. gal.
Differential lock Manual and automatic
Maximum transport speed ProDrive system: 20/25/30/40 km/h
12.4/15.5/18.6/24.9 mph
Rear axle type Hydromechanical 4WD
Automatic wet brake system Standard
Engine speed management Standard
Tilt and extend steering column Standard
Air conditioning and heater Standard: ClimaTrak™ control
Cool box Optional
Trainee seat Standard
Hectare counter Standard
Operator information system Cornerpost display
CAN bus electronics Standard
Operator's seat Standard: Air-suspension seat
Panoramic view windows Standard
Side window wiper Rear and side window wiper optional
Parallel-type windscreen wiper
Electric adjust and heated Optional on rearview mirrors
Rearview mirrors Standard
Yield monitoring Optional: Harvest Monitor™
Documentation Optional: Harvest Doc™
Crop analysis Optional: HarvestLab™ 3000 sensor
Length-of-cut control based on crop parameter Standard: Infinitely variable length-of-cut (IVLOC™)
Optional: AutoLoc™ system - use with HarvestLab
Assisted steering systems Optional: AutoTrac™, Manual RowSense™, AutoTrac RowSense, Machine Sync
Width Wide body channel
Crop flow components Low-friction crop flow concept
Infinitely variable header drive Standard
Lateral pivoting frame Standard
Multicoupler Standard
Auto PTO coupler Optional
Header drive Base: Heavy-duty gearbox (i=3.75); pump/motor displacement: 85/80 cc
Optional: Extra heavy-duty gearbox (i=4.31); pump/motor displacement: 110/90 cc
Header height control Advanced header control (AHC) optional
Grass pickups (transport width) 3, 4, 4.5 m
9.8, 13.1, 14.8 ft
Maize headers 8, 10 or 12 rows
Working width: 6, 7.5, or 9 m
19.7, 24.6 , or 29.5 ft
Feed roll frame opening Swing away, 37-45 degree (angle)
Number Four
Metal detector Standard
Stone detector Optional
Width, front 830 mm
32.7 in.
Standard feedroll drive Hydro feedroll drive IVLOC
Infinitely header drive speed
Type Dura-Drum™ cutterhead
Knife drum width 850 mm
33.5 in.
Knife drum diameter 670 mm
26.4 in.
Speed at rated engine speed Standard - 1170 rpm
Optional - 1350 rpm
Knife types available (crop) Straight - grass
Curved - corn
Shear bar options Grass, corn, Dura Line™ corn, Dura Line Plus
Reverse rotation Yes
Automatic from cab Yes, remote from cab
Sharpening modes Grinding and finishing
Type John Deere Premium KP™, John Deere XStream KP™
Quick-change Quick kernel processor - swing in/swing out
Quick KP removal Optional crane with remote-controlled electric hoist
Housing Standard KP housing
Lubrication Grease
Roll diameter 240 mm
9.45 in.
Maize - standard sawtooth or Dura Line™ roll teeth number (speed differential) 118 (32 or 40 percent)
Whole crop - standard sawtooth roll teeth number (speed differential) 178 (32 or 40 percent)
Weight 163.3 kg
360 lb
Roll diameter 250 or 275 mm
9.8 or 10.8 in.
Rotor diameter/housing width 560 / 620 mm
22.86 / 24.41 in.
Number of blades 10
Speed (option) 1890 rpm
Rotation, degrees 210 degree (angle)
Hydraulic height position Standard: Hydraulic raise and lower
Optional: Automatic spout positioning
Double-cap deflection Standard
Reach from center line (Optional) 6 or 8 row: 4.93 m
16.2 ft
10 row: 5.87 m
19.3 ft
12 row: 6.71 m
22 ft
Working height (maximum) Height to spout: 6.6 m
21.65 ft
Rotary radiator screen cleaner Standard
Automatic lubrication system Standard: AutoLube
Engine oil and filter change duration Plus-50™ II oil: 350 hours
Other oil: 250 hours
Transport length (without header) 6.6 m
21.7 ft
Transport width (without header) 3.2-3.8 m
10.5-12.5 ft
Transport height (to cab roof) Below 4 m
13.12 ft