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Choosing JLD-Laguë means choosing a business partner

At JLD-Laguë, we operate one of Canada’s leading networks of equipment dealers across Quebec and Eastern Ontario. We are your partner for the sale, resale and maintenance of John Deere products in the agricultural, residential, commercial, compact construction and other markets… With 18 John Deere branches to serve our customers, come and discover the branch nearest you and talk to our experts for all your needs!


JLD-Laguë advantages


  • John Deere’s top experts
  • 18 branches in Quebec and Ontario
  • One of Canada’s leading networks
  • John Deere a name you can trust
  • A wide selection of inventory
  • Over 400 employees to serve you

John Deere, a name you can trust

In 1837, John Deere, blacksmith and inventor, had little more than a workshop, a scrap of polished steel and a good idea to help farmers and change the world of agriculture forever. Today, thanks to the success of the revolutionary steel plough he designed, the company continues to manufacture cutting-edge equipment to help workers on the land accomplish their tasks with greater speed and efficiency.

After 175 years, John Deere is one of the most admired companies in the world. We work every day to put into practice the values of our founder: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. We live them. We breathe them. They are the essence of the way we work, and they manifest themselves in every product, service and opportunity we offer you.

Our mission

“To offer superior quality products and services at competitive prices in a value-added solutions model to exceed our customers’ expectations.” With this mission, we intends to differentiate ourself from the competition by constantly being on the lookout for recent technological discoveries to improve our products. In addition, we aims to remain a first-rate choice for our customers, a reflex. We don’t just sell equipment. Quality of service remains our greatest concern. We want to be known and recognized as a forward-thinking company that innovates to better meet our customers’ needs. It is at the heart of all our business decisions.

Our history

More than 70 years of operation and innovation

Our values

Our values… our employes!

    Service client

    Mettre tout en oeuvre pour préserver la satisfaction du client

    Esprit d'équipe

    Être disposé à travailler en collaboration pour croître au sein de l’organisation


    Grâce à divers processus, atteindre et maintenir un niveau de qualité optimal

Join a great family!

Joining JLD-Laguë means becoming part of a team of over 400 employees who put their skills and expertise to work for the company’s thousands of customers.

  • Work environment
  • Career evolution
  • Prestigious brand
  • Team work
  • Ongoing training
  • Employee benefits
Why choose us?