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JLD-Laguë Xpert Service

The JLD-Laguë Xpert Service is our team of 6 specialists dedicated specifically to precision agriculture, tasked with supporting you and ensuring that your precision agriculture tools are used to their full potential.

Learn more about precision agriculture and our Xpert Service today by contacting our call centre 24/7 at 1-877-470-2583.

RTK Network

In an effort to make RTK accuracy accessible to as many farmers as possible, the JLD-Laguë Group was the first agricultural equipment dealer to set up an RTK network in Eastern Canada. With 15 strategically positioned correction bases, the network covers most of the group’s operating territory. Maintenance and updates are performed every year to ensure optimal coverage. 

Precision agriculture and telematics Call Centre

Available programs 

Call centre subscription: 

  • Annual subscription 
  • Subscription options including or excluding levelling and drainage:
  • Precision agriculture and telematics (without levelling and drainage): $175/year 
  • Levelling and drainage only: $175/year 
  • Precision Planting product: $175/year 
  • Precision agriculture, telematics and levelling and drainage: $250/year 
  • Precision agriculture, telematics and Precision Planting product: $250/year 
  • Levelling, drainage and Precision Planting product: $250/year 
  • All inclusive (levelling, drainage and precision agriculture and telematics): $300/year
  • Unlimited calls, 24/7 
  • Included technical and data configuration phone support on precision agriculture and telematics equipment 
  • $75/call if you not subscribed 
  • Automatic renewal in January of each year 

Agronomic data optimization

  • Data management and cleanup 
  • Analysis of planting, application and yield maps 
  • Assessment of cost per acre and income per acre per field, zone and/or operation. 
  • Creation of variable-rate prescription maps for soil work, planting and fertilizers. 

Equipment optimization

Pogo Stick 

Pogo Stick analysis helps you evaluate your planter’s performance. When collecting data, an experienced technician will go to your place of business. Subsequently, using the Pogo Stick, this person will calculate: 

  • The spacing between plants 
  • Performance of emergence 
  • Planted and nominal population 
  • Doubles and gaps 
  • Percentage of singulation 
  • Seed release index 
  • Percentage of proper placement 

Once the analysis is complete, we provide you with a report targeting areas for improvement on your planter. 

Equipment report 

To help you optimize the use of your equipment, our analysts examine the use you make of it. Then, they provide you with a report to help you identify costly trends. In addition, your equipment is compared to the average for the model, which allows you to situate yourself as to the use of your equipment. 


Technology is evolving rapidly and requires significant investments. To ensure that you get the most out of your investment, our teams of experts have put together training sessions that will keep you up to date. 

Remote support

With the JDLink telematics tool, your equipment is now connected to you. If you decide to share this information with us, we will actively monitor the various events and notify you if a repair is necessary. Moreover, with your permission, we will also be able to connect to your Precision Ag displays to help you in the event of a breakdown.