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Our solutions allow you to keep an eye on all the operations that take place in your company. A simple configuration error can make the difference between a profitable year and a deficit year! Our solutions help you keep an eye on all the operations that take place in your business. 

Analyze performance 

Analyze your equipment’s performance to improve your operating habits and be more productive while reducing your production costs. 

Maintenance manager 

Well-maintained equipment will have a lower cost of ownership and will be more productive during your operations. John Deere’s maintenance manager allows you to easily create a maintenance plan from factory recommendations. Obtain step-by-step actions to be completed and the necessary parts for each interval. In addition, the manager will send you reminders based on machine hours when they are connected to JDLink™. 


No matter where you are, your phone has the tools to: 

  • ensure your operations run smoothly 
  • provide useful information about adjustments to your equipment 
  • transfer your operations data 

Download the John Deere App Center for free and have all the apps in one place! 


MyTransfer lets you transfer documentation data from your Precision Agriculture display directly to the John Deere Operations Center for free simply by using your phone. 

Operations Center Mobile  

Operations Center Mobile lets you stay connected to your operations at all times for free: it allows you to see the location of your equipment and the progress of your work in real time. You will be able to make informed decisions quickly using the information that is sent to you. In addition, you will be able to view the operations maps and analyze them. 

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EquipmentPlus is the advanced operator’s manual for any recent John Deere equipment and it’s free. It includes information on your equipment’s operation, tips for optimizing it, as well as maintenance intervals. 

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The free* TractorPlus app gives you access to a wealth of information about your tractor’s operation. It provides maintenance intervals and the parts required for it, the tractor’s diagnostic codes, the location history and a lot of other useful information. 

*Some paid components may be required to use all the features. 

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The JDLink™ app allows you to view your equipment’s performance information directly on your cell phone for free. 

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Bale Mobile

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When baling, the operator can see information such as each bale’s weight and moisture level (this information is also recorded). If a bale is too moist, the operator can then decide to add a preservatives to it immediately or even stop the baling. After a field is baled, a summary is displayed and the operator can view information such as: the crop, number of bales and the average humidity, even if more than one baler is at work in the same field! 

Loading and moving bales 

When loading the bales, the operator can view the information for each bale to position the load evenly on the trailer. Lower quality bales can also be sorted to put them aside. 


Directly from the office, the producer can see where the baler is located and view information on its performance. This information can then be used to make informed decisions. A summary also shows the yield by field. 

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