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Joining JLD-Laguë means becoming part of a team of over 400 employees who put their skills and expertise to work for the company's thousands of customers, in a pleasant and motivating environment!

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integrity and pride

Our values… our employees!

    Customer service

    Do everything possible to maintain customer satisfaction

    Team Spirit

    Willing to work collaboratively to grow within the organization


    Achieve and maintain optimum quality through a variety of processes

We offer training and career development plan

We offer several types of training depending on the position:

  • Technical training for mechanics, parts personnel, even sales representatives, to maintain a high level of knowledge of John Deere products.
  • Theoretical or practical training to optimize the learning capacity of all types of employees
  • Training with the goal of advancing within the company
  • etc.


We offer development plans to help employees achieve their career goals.


Life at Green Tech

Rely on our employees

« I began working for JLD-Laguë (formerly Équipements Veilleux, in Sherbrooke) as a technical advisor in January 2007. I later obtained a job with the firm as assistant manager. In 2012, a service department manager position opened up at the Coaticook branch and the management team asked me to take it. I have risen to many challenges with an extraordinary team. Since 2014, I’ve held the dual position of parts and service manager, also in Coaticook. JLD-Laguë is the ideal place for people who are looking for a challenge, a job that is not routine, and opportunities for promotion. As a woman who works in a non-traditional sector, I’ve never felt that there were any barriers to my getting ahead in the company. On the contrary, I’ve always felt that I was in the right place and was part of a great team. »

Annie Sparnaay

Parts and Service Manager, Coaticook

« Since I come from a farming background, I’ve always been interested in machinery and I decided to study in that field. After taking the agricultural equipment technology program at the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire , I worked in the parts department of the Mirabel branch and then in the service department, where I could put my knowledge to work as a technical advisor. Following the company’s acquisition of three branches in Ontario in 2012, I decided to apply for a service manager position in St-Isidore, driven by my love for challenges and the unknown. I still have that job today. This business has been able to adapt and stay on top of the situation in farming. It provides opportunities for advancement and enables all of its employees to find their right place and to grow in their job. There’s no reason to be afraid of starting a job in agriculture and pursuing your personal and professional dreams. »

Francis Poisson

Service Manager, St-Isidore

« For me, my job as a road technician means freedom at work: my schedule is flexible, I have a great deal of autonomy, and I work outside. In short, I don’t have a boss on my back! I also have several other major benefits, such as a phone and a car. Plus the company provides me with tools and work clothes. Knowing that my customers are satisfied is what I like the most about my work. In fact, that’s what my job is all about. »

Denis Voyer

Road Technician, St-Anaclet

« After a career of 28 years, it would take me too long to list all of the things that have made me grow both professionally and personally. Working in a parts department requires a lot of teamwork, a real desire for direct contact with customers, and constant communication with other departments (service, sales, and administration). Our combined efforts have been crucial to our success! »

Lino Gagnon

Parts Clerk, St-Hyacinthe

« After more than 15 years of working in sales, I decided to make a career change. I wanted to draw on my sales experience to take up a new professional challenge that would not only be stimulating, but would allow me to surpass myself. I also wanted my new job to be centred on contact with customers. The meeting I had with the Varennes branch management team was decisive. It introduced me to a dynamic, competent and compassionate team focused on customer service. Thanks to the support and supervision of my management staff and colleagues, I now have a job that I love and that enables me to achieve my professional goals. It’s a job that pushes me to excel professionally. JLD-Laguë is the driving force that has given me the opportunity to work in an environment where the priority is excellence. »

Pascal Dessureault

Commercial Sales Representative, Varennes

« I’ve been part of the John Deere team in St-Pascal since April 2011. I’ve taken several training courses, including JD TECH in St-Hyacinthe. This course is very well structured and provides technicians with a chance to learn more about John Deere products. A number of the courses offered allow us to keep abreast of new technology. I’m very proud to be a member of the St-Pascal branch. We form a great team and make every effort to satisfy our customers. »

Michaël Chouinard

Shop Technician, St-Pascal

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