Loader Attachments | Frontier AP13G Pallet Fork

Attachments Accessories and Implements
John Deere


  • High tensile, heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Tines float while picking up and removing pallets on uneven terrain
  • Tines can be made rigid at any position using set screws

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Current series style Global
Fork tines Type
106.7 cm
42 in.
121.9 cm
48 in.
Overall height 81.3 cm
32 in.
Overall width 124.5 cm
49 in.
Overall length 132.1 cm
52 in.
Current series style Global
Operational With 42-inch tines: 199.6 kg
440 lb
With 48-inch tines: 208.7 kg
460 lb
Shipping With 42-inch tines: 217.7 kg
480 lb
With 48-inch tines: 226.8 kg
500 lb
Type Floating
Capacity 2494.8 kg
5500 lb
Section 40x130 mm
1.6x5.1 in.
Length 106.7 cm
42 in.
and 121.9 cm
48 in.
Labor hours 0.5
Time period 1 year