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Our decision support solutions improve your daily operations

Our decision-making support, documentation and data management solutions enable you to analyze your work and monitor environmental conditions so you can optimize your operations, lower production costs and make better decisions based on reliable and accurate data. 

Operations Center: powered by John Deere, supported by JLD-Laguë

The most comprehensive solution to keep control over all your operations and equipment in real time, all in one place. Accessible on all your devices, at all times! 

Why choose the Operations Center? 

  • It’s free 
  • It’s intuitive to use, both on the Web and on your cell phone 
  • You have access to this data without having to purchase equipment, seed or inputs 
  • You remain the owner of your data 
  • You are supported by our team of experts in precision agriculture 
  • You have control over the sharing of your data with your partners and your various software, securely and with a single click 
  • You can import your data and work with precision agriculture systems from different manufacturers 
  • Your data is accessible anytime and anywhere (online and offline) 

Work with the partner software you want, back up with your trusted partner who is here to STAY! 

The Operations Center offers: 

  • Fast and secure data transfer with various compatible software programs 
  • Various access options 
  • The freedom to work with THE software of your choice easily (More than 170 connected software programs) 
  • Your data is secured and backed up 

Import your competitive brand system data 

John Deere’s Operations Center tools are compatible with most precision agriculture equipment brands and platforms: Trimble, Case IH, New Holland, Ag Leader, Topcon, Precision Planting and Raven. 


The configuration tool allows you to create and manage the following: 

  • Connecting with partner software 
  • Your field boundaries, guidance lines and flags 
  • Your products such as varieties, chemicals and tank mixes 
  • Configuration data for your equipment 
  • Your configuration data to send to your John Deere displays when they are ready 
  • The level of access for your team members and partners 


The planning tool allows you to do the following: 

  • Create prescription files for your work 
  • Create seasonal crop plans 
  • Plan maintenance and repair intervals 
  • Plan the work to send to your equipment 


By connecting your various equipment with JDLink™, you can follow the progress of your work and the performance of your various equipment in real time and make adjustments when it counts. 

The various tools in the Operations Center will allow you to make informed decisions when it matters, for free! 

Whether you are at your desk or in the field, the Operations Center follows you wherever you go. Stay connected with your business and employees at all times. Work with your trusted partner, the world leader in precision agriculture, John Deere: Your data will be safe. 


The analysis tool allows you to do the following: 

  • Easily and quickly consult various reports on the work completed across all of your fields 
  • View and edit the work completed by field 
  • Analyze the various readings of the machines in your equipment fleet 
  • Create and manage machine reports on their use, consumption and maintenance 

Environmental monitoring

You can’t control it, but you can monitor it! Our environmental monitoring solutions allow you to keep an eye on the weather and conditions of your fields. Knowing what’s going on in your fields will help you make informed decisions.

Soil moisture and temperature

  • Reduce compaction by avoiding working in soil that is too moist. 
  • Manage your irrigation system to avoid over-irrigation 
  • Reduce your environmental impact 
  • Increase your yield potential 
  • Reduce water use 
  • Track soil temperature to detect ideal planting conditions


Monitor and record rainfall for a given area, so you can better manage your operations and irrigation system. 

Local weather forecast

Extreme weather events can account for up to 50% of yield potential losses. Weather accounts for about 70% of the uncontrollable risks a grower faces. 

How we provide accurate forecasts: 

  • The forecast is made from the positioning (latitude/longitude) of the station 
  • Data from the local station is used to refine the model 
  • A combination of several weather models (4 or 5) is used 
  • The forecast is updated every hour 

Work planning

Use the work planning tool together with accurate weather forecasts to plan your operations and manage your irrigation system. This way, you will know the ideal range in which to carry out your operations. 

Automated insect traps

Our automated insect detection solutions are designed to simplify the task of in-field screening: 

  • Automatic insect detection and identification 
  • Insect counts and population growth monitoring 
  • Decision-making support for pesticide application; you can customize alarms 
  • Monitoring of insect dispersal in your field 

Disease models

More than 80 different disease models that apply to more than 40 different crops! Fight infestations at the right time. 

Weather changes and so do working methods; you have more and more constraints (economic, legal and moral) when it comes to applying pesticides. Some diseases are difficult to control and the timing of fungicide application is crucial to maintain control over the disease. 

We have solutions to help you! 

Snow cover

The snow cover thickness sensor is the ideal tool for anyone wanting to follow this data throughout the winter. This ultraaccurate tool uses ultrasound to provide real-time thickness measurements.