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Crop Management Technologies

Our technological solutions will allow you to gain in efficiency To improve your fields, crops and business, you need to base your decisions on information that is true, reliable and accurate. It’s not enough to collect data. You also need to have tools that will help you analyze the data and identify opportunities for improvement as well as help you make quick decisions in real time based on up-to-date information that you can view easily and quickly. Our crop management solutions are free and compatible with your various John Deere Precision Ag equipment and other brands.


When applied to your crop management, our telematics solutions help you stay connected to your operations. You can view the progress of the work in real time and obtain agronomic information quickly. Send prescription maps and configuration files to your displays. In addition, your operations data will be backed up automatically. Gone are the days when you lost your data and your USB key. 

Decision-making support

Our decision-making support tools help you document your operations, analyze your data, check weather conditions and plan your future work. 

Operations and equipment optimization

To get the full return on your investment, you need to optimize your equipment’s performance. This means making sure your equipment is properly maintained and adjusted to field conditions. 

 Our tools help you analyze and monitor the performance and progress of your work.

JLD-Laguë Xpert Service

The JLD-Laguë Xpert Service is our team of 6 specialists dedicated specifically to precision agriculture, tasked with supporting you and ensuring that your precision agriculture tools are used to their full potential.

Learn more about precision agriculture and our Xpert Service today by contacting our call centre 24/7 at 1-877-4470-2583.

Xpert Service Programs