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Input control

Section control

John Deere’s section control software helps you optimize seed and input placement. There are several advantages to using this feature, including the following:

  • Lower your production costs by reducing the amount of seed and inputs used in your fields. Studies have shown a savings of up to 6%.
  • Increase your yield potential by reducing over-application and promoting healthy competition between your plants.
  • Reduce operator stress and fatigue by automating actions required when overlap occurs and at the end of the field.
AMS ensemensement contrôle de section

Rate controller

Rate controllers help you ensure that the application rate is constant and consistent regardless of the application speed. This helps decrease over- and under-application. Applying products such as pesticides, fertilizers and seeds is easy with the controllers and the section control software.

In addition, you can update your current equipment according to your needs: number of products to be controlled at the same time, type of product (dry or liquid). We offer various solutions!

Rate controller for dry products

The dry product rate controller is used to control the application of dry matter, from lime to fertilizer to seed. It is mainly used on fertilizer and lime spreading trucks as well as on planters.

AMS ensemensement controleur dose sec

GS2 rate controller for liquid products

The GS2 liquid rate controller is used to control the application of fertilizers and pesticides. It is mainly used on sprayers, applicators and planters.

AMS ensemensement controleur dose liquide

Rate Controller 2000

The Rate Controller 2000 allows you to control up to four liquid or dry products simultaneously. It is mainly used on planters.

AMS ensemencement controleur dose 2000