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JDLink: automatic data backup on the cloud, remote connection and information sharing between machines. No matter what operation is in progress, you can rely on JDLink™ to see the progress of your jobs in real time, optimize them, solve equipment problems and save your data during fieldwork.

Expert Alerts

Even more advanced equipment monitoring: when you share access to your equipment with us, we receive Expert Alerts for your machines. In fact, artificial intelligence monitors your machinery and analyzes its activity. It can detect equipment failure before it occurs, which in certain cases can help prevent major breakdowns and costly downtime in the field.

An analysis is also done of your equipment operation. This helps us make recommendations for reducing your operation and maintenance costs.

Service Advisor™ Remote

If your equipment is connected to JDLink and breaks down, our technicians can connect remotely and diagnose the equipment failure. This ensures that when they leave our workshops, they already have the tools required to perform any repairs. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple reprogramming procedure to get your equipment back up and running in no time. Thanks to Service Advisor™ Remote, you’ll save money while avoiding the costly travel normally required to obtain this type of diagnosis.

Equipment condition monitoring

JDLink monitors your equipment. When JDLink is connected to your machine, it will alert you and send you the diagnostic trouble codes when an event occurs, allowing you to intervene quickly.


When your John Deere precision agriculture systems are connected to JDLink, your mapping data (seedling map, application, harvesting and soil work) is automatically saved.


Ask your agronomist or send your prescription cards directly to your equipment without the need for a USB key. Ideal for making corrections while operating in the field. You’ll prevent any time losses and avoid costly travel.

System configuration

Use the Operations Centre to enter your precision agriculture system’s configuration data (machine and tool measurements, products, operators, field names, field borders, etc.) and send them directly to your system.

In field data sharing

Do you have multiple pieces of equipment performing the same job in the same field at the same time?

In Field Data allows you to share guidance lines and mapping. It allows you to improve input positioning and eliminate over-application.

Field coverage and guidance line sharing

Do you have two machines doing the same job in the field? Use the field coverage and guidance line sharing feature to synchronize your equipment’s tasks (Section Control, AutoTrac™, etc.).

Remote monitor access

Whether you need to troubleshoot a precision agriculture system or optimize equipment settings (hydraulic valve, hydraulic lift, planter vacuum), remote screen access helps you save time and costly travel.