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As a leading Polish company with a prominent position in the European market and an ever-growing foothold in foreign markets, SaMASZ’s reputation is well established. With 35 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of agricultural and municipal machinery, their innovative solutions are created with passion, first and foremost.

With a wide range of machines to choose from, businesses and farmers can select the perfect machine for their needs. SaMASZ machines are reliable, efficient and versatile, even in the most challenging conditions. As a manufacturer with a reputation for being reliable and professional, SaMASZ is constantly improving the design of its machines and technology to deliver an improved, high-quality experience.

Disc mowers

Grass is one of the best sources of fodder for livestock farmers, as it is both a nutritious and economical solution for feeding cattle. With the right equipment, windrows can be collected and processed into high-quality forage.

SaMASZ disc mowers make it possible to mow without damaging the grass layer. The resulting windrow is very clean, which increases the energy value of the final product and saves time and money. Costs are optimized and the fodder keeps longer.

Samasz XT


Available models:

  • Samba: disc mower with LiteCUT cutterbar
  • KDT: rear disc mower
  • XT: rear disc mower
  • KDF: front disc mower
  • MegaCUT: two sided-mower
Samasz Samba


PerfectCut Cutting Table (top of the line):

The PerfectCUT cutterbar was developed based on experience and in collaboration with clients worldwide. The main advantages of the PerfectCUT cutterbar are precise cutting, durability of the materials used, protection against sudden disc stoppage due to an obstacle, and quick and easy replacement of the modules.

Samasz Megacut



Designed to make farmers’ work easier by efficiently grouping cut forage into windrows, SaMASZ rakes provide a clean, well-aired windrow ready for collecting and baling.

They are built with high-quality materials that provide durability and resistance in difficult working conditions, and are available in a variety of models and configurations to suit different farm sizes and crop types. Their range includes mounted one- and two-rotor rakes, trailed one-rotor rakes, and two-rotor rotary and basket rakes.

Available models:

  • – MRG 2-900 Belt Windrower: Rakes all types of forage, regardless of length, while the belt transports it in the direction chosen by the operator. It offers the cleanest, most efficient collection, plus the ability to harvest over a large area in a short time.
  • – TANGO (rakes 1 or 2 swaths)
  • – Z2 2 rotor windrower: Allows for complete, high-performance, lightweight and easy-to-use raking.
  • – DUO: for those looking for the most efficient solutions
  • – UNO: for small and medium-sized farms
  • – TWIST basket rakes: Can be attached at the front or rear. The rake is designed to form a single central swath quickly and efficiently. Large working width, low weight.


The range of rotary tedders features six models, including four-rotor versions: P4 – 471, P4 – 531, P4 – 531C, P4 – 471C, P6 – 77C, P10 – 1200 (towed version) and three six-rotor models: P6 – 651, P6 – 771 and P6 – 771C.

These tedders stand out for their high-quality work and robust construction, giving them a favourable position on the Polish market and enabling them to conquer international markets. An optional front support wheel provides better protection for the grass layer, and is particularly recommended for hilly and uneven terrain. SaMASZ rotary tedders incorporate innovative technical solutions to guarantee clean, high-quality forage harvest.