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Europe’s #1 trailer market

For more than 40 years, Fliegl has stood for quality and efficiency in the agricultural world. These strengths have enabled it to become a leading manufacturer of agricultural trailers and spreaders in Europe.

As the number one manufacturer in Europe, Fliegl has thought of everything, from dump trailers and push-off trailers to slurry technology and harvest logistics. It’s simple: with Fliegl you will always have an ideal, well-designed transport solution that you can trust.

The cornerstones that Fliegl is built on?

Tradition, innovation and family.

These cornerstones are the reason they continue to develop and pursue their passion for innovative solutions in agriculture without ever losing sight of the tried and tested traditional techniques.

Fliegl equipment, including the ASW push-off trailer, TMK dump trailer and KDS spreader lines, is available at each of our locations.

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Available equipment

ASW push-bottom trailer

Remorque à fond poussant ASW

As a pioneer of the push-off transport system, the Fliegl ASW trailer provides great flexibility for year-round use and is suitable for a variety of applications. Whether it’s corn or grass silage, potato harvesting, heavy materials or snow, the push-off trailer will meet all your needs.

Versatile, efficient, and with several key advantages, including unlimited pushing force and fast and safe unloading, the Fliegl push-off system is designed to combine and enhance the strengths of all the other known transport systems.

It is a major innovation in agriculture and a wise choice for anyone looking for a clever, reliable and high-quality transport solution.

Dump trailer TMK

Fliegl’s TMK dump trailer can handle heavy loads with ease. Equipped with a smooth conical body for easy emptying, the TMK trailer also features a solid load-bearing frame made of galvanized hollow sections, oversized corner stakes and a large underride bar with protected lighting to ensure maximum safety.

Fliegl also offers the TMK -S dump trailer, designed for the most extreme uses and heavy materials. This trailer is made of heavy-duty materials and robust components to ensure high reliability and a long service life.

KDS chain manure spreader

Épandeur à fumier KDS à chaîne

Fliegl’s KDS professional chain spreader is a safe and efficient choice that provides high-quality features for farmers looking for robust and durable equipment. It has been tested and approved by the independant European test centre DLG for its even and precise spreading quality.

The range offers single axle, tandem and tridem chassis options, allowing you to choose the model that best suits your needs. With a loading volume of 10 m³ to 32 m³, these spreaders are designed to handle large quantities of material.

The chassis and axles are built with tried and tested components to ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment. The sidewalls and bottom of the equipment are made of fine-grained steel, making them very strong and long-lasting. They are also equipped with a standard hydraulic spring drawbar and, for tandem and tridem models, a rotating drawbar.

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