Drainage and leveling

Poor field drainage is the main cause of reduced yield in Québec. Good hydro-agricultural installations will help you to improve your fields’ yield potential, reduce compaction and avoid soil erosion. By using GPS technology for your installations, you’ll save time and fuel and respect as much as possible the natural topography of your fields. JLD-Laguë’s Integrated Solutions Division offers you products and services to simplify your drainage and leveling work.

View surface drainage video GPS RTK – GCS

GCS – Dirt ProTM

Maximize your field levelling efficiency with GPS.

GCS software – Dirt Pro: From computer design to automatic control in the field.

GCS-Dirt Pro uses all types of RTK GPS systems to offer you accurate topographical surveys and accurate grading and levelling control.

The GCS-Dirt Pro virtual dashboard helps you to work your fields easily with real-time information on cut/fill amounts, your position, elevation, slope and GPS quality. It also provides you with a view of your field indicating where to cut and fill, and tracks your work.

GCS-Dirt Pro is compatible with most land grading design software, including OptiSurface Designer. GCS-Dirt Pro may be used in information mode only or in automatic control mode.

  • No more sections! Work your field as a whole
  • Capture your data while you work
  • Recalculate your cut/fill balance in the field
  • Intuitive menus
  • User friendly


GCS – Pipe FmTM/ GCS – Pipe ProTM

GCS-Pipe’s proven technology has been used for over 10 years. GCS-Pipe Pro software automatically calculates the optimum location of drains based on minimum and maximum depth and minimum slope, and makes it possible to control drain installation in real time.

  • Efficient design: RTK GPS DGPS and Vertical Curve Technology
  • Profile view
  • Bird’s-eye view with spacing of drains
  • Real-time depth and slope information
  • Real-time profile adjustment
  • Distance report
  • Simple program navigation
  • Export drawing of completed field

If you encounter an obstacle, GCS-Pipe automatically recalculates the design from the new depth and will warn you if you are outside of your defined parameters.

For more information, visit the GCS website at:

OptiSurface Designer

Your time is precious during levelling operations. Improve your productivity with OptiSurface.

Draw up GPS levelling plans for major systems, such as GCS and Trimble, with a single software package
Import topography in GCS, Trimble, Shapefile, .txt, or .csv format
Analyze surface drainage and runoff before and after levelling
Take advantage of numerous adjustable parameters in each section
Plan your field as a whole or by zones: no need to manage steps between two sections!
Create balanced zones to minimize earthmoving
Enjoy rapid local technical support by JLD-Laguë specialists
For more information, contact our consultants or visit the OptiSurface website at:


Surface drainage plan services (Levelling)

JLD-Laguë’s Integrated Solutions Division offers you levelling plan services to improve your fields’ surface drainage. Poor field drainage is the main cause of reduced yield in Québec. Good surface drainage will allow you to avoid water accumulation, ensure optimum field drainage and improve your yield potential.

Our specialists perform the following tasks:

  • Import data into OptiSurface (planning software)
  • Analyze topography, water flow and runoff
  • Discuss the specific needs of your field with you, as well as your expectations
  • Prepare a levelling plan that takes into account your field’s problems and your needs
  • Send you a report (by email or USB key) on the proposed improvements
  • Send (by email or USB key) the files needed to perform the surface drainage work with your GCS equipment, once you have given your approval